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In the era of Digital Transformation, efficient learning is a core competency.  Without it, your people will regularly be addressing customer’s future problems with yesterday’s solutions.

“The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn. ” Alvin Tofler (author of “The Third Wave” and “Future Shock”)

The increasing rate of change brought on by digitization requires that solution providers make the learning process efficient and engaging in order to maximize results.  Learning needs to be “baked in” and treated as integral to the workforce experience and deemed as a “core competency” as learning moves well beyond the classroom. Studies confirm that the most important learning happens outside of the classroom through on the job training (OJT) and through collaboration with peers (social learning).


Create a Digital Tranformation Learning System

DTI can help you create a Digital Transformation Learning System that leverages non-classroom time as well as traditional programs in order to ensure that OJT and Social Learning opportunities are maximized and easy to execute.  DTI leverages decades of deep expertise in the Science of Learning, Sales Enablement and Learning Technology to greatly improve the results of your learning investments.  Related Services include:

  • Learning Culture Assessment: we help you identify your organizational learning strengths and weaknesses, and plan development. The assessment service can provide recommendations for:
    • Cost efficiencies
    • Supportive learning technologies
    • Management and administration
  • Learning System Development:  DTI helps you to build a Learning System that is performance-based that can be personalized to the student, proven to be more efficient and motivating than traditional one-size-fits-all learning models. We enable an adaptable learning culture that uses:
    • Video-based Learning
    • Micro-Learning
    • Certification/Badging/Credentialing
    • Social Learning
    • Mobile Learning
    • Coaching integration
    • Self-directed competency management
  • Credentialing Services:
    • Credentialing/Recognition Program Development
    • Psychometric Services
    • Exam Development
  • Curriculum Services: DTI designs, develops and delivers custom training including video-rich e-learning, immersion workshops, micro-learning series, webinars and deep technical training addressing all roles.
  • Rapid Competency Enablement: DTI enables an effective Learning Culture based on your organizations core competencies and workforce needs.  DTI has a two-pronged approach to efficiently empower learners to achieve their target proficiency:
    • Rapid Competency Framework Development: A “competency framework” gives you a picture of the knowledge, behaviors and skills that are required for role proficiency that charts towards a path of mastery. While a competency framework can take six to nine months to develop, our process achieves actionable results in as little as three weeks.
    • The DTI Self-Directed Competency Platform: After completing the competency framework we load it into our online platform and map it to a curated selection of learning content and programs that you define.  Resources can range from online videos, webinars, resource documentation, e-learning or classroom based learner experiences.

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Digital Transformation Specialist

Kimberly Watson

Director of Development and Programs

My Technology Perspective

Kimberly has been programming and database-ing since the days (and nights) of Skittles and Jolt Cola. After years helming her own business developing technical software, her focus shifted to technical training and content development to help learners quickly adapt to an increasingly digital world.

Digital Transformation Specialist

Zaki Mohammad

Chief Transformation Officer

My Technology Perspective

Zaki's unique decades long career evolution starting as an Accountant, CCIE certified Systems Engineer, Solution Architect, Entrepreneur, Instructor, Course Developer, Conference Speaker, Data Scientist and AI subject matter expert leading successful consulting and project engagements.

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