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Debunking the AI Talent Scarcity Myth-3.6.2018 @ 1:00 pm EST


Zaki Mohammad

Date & Time: 
Mar 06, 2018 - 01:00pm EST

At the 2017 San Francisco AI Conference Andrew Ng admonished that one of the four tenets of becoming an AI organization requires 'Talent and New Job descriptions'. This Talent piece is 'the foundation' of success for an organization pivoting towards AI. The goal of this learning session is to showcase that that Talent Scarcity is a myth. By leveraging a Talent Management Framework optimized for AI, you will gain insights on how to address, mitigate and resolve your challenges around the acquiring, reskilling, retaining and managing talent for your organization's pivot towards AI. In this session, we get close to answering the question 'is it better to re-skill or hire' AI Talent?

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Kimberly Watson

Director of Development and Programs

My Technology Perspective

Kimberly has been programming and database-ing since the days (and nights) of Skittles and Jolt Cola. After years helming her own business developing technical software, her focus shifted to technical training and content development to help learners quickly adapt to an increasingly digital world.

Digital Transformation Specialist

David Mantica

VP Sales and Marketing

My Technology Perspective

In his early career David had experience working around WAN solutions and services including DSL, Frame Relay and ATM.  On top of the experience David did presentations, product management and marketing on Voice over IP. VoIP become David’s primary expertise and he spent a great deal of time on supporting professionals as they dealt with the ever changing standards and solutions in that space including Computer Telephony Integration issues, H.248 and H.323 (SIP).

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